Out-staffed software development

Lease exceptional talents or brilliant teams from Budapest

Why out-staffing?

Scale human resources and labor costs flexibly
Save on-boarding and off-boarding costs
Cut recruitment time and cost
Get efficient teamwork from the
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Why Budapest?

One of the most popular nearshore and startup center in Europe
A vibrant and livable city attracting young talents
High-quality and high-performance higher education
An easy-to-reach transportation hub
European law and work culture
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How we work

Agility is coded into our organization DNA. It infuses not only our development teams but HR, marketing and other back-office functions too. Agility, for us, means customer focus (as an objective) and continuous adaptive improvement (as a method).
BlackBelt teams are dominantly composed of senior developers who are masters of enterprise frontend and backend technologies in Java, .NET, and mobile development.
Teams work in detached, secure workspaces both digitally and physically.
As a key competence, our recruitment works through a finely refined, high-performance talent funnel engine.
We are one of the top employer brands of Hungary; we run  a prosperous community through events and contents; and we nurture an exceptional company culture.
Client communication
We have been fine-tuning our client workflows for a couple of years. Collaboration between teams of different locations is not a challenge for us. Providing transparency through our proven framework and clear reports is our daily routine as well as talking to you in your language.

Technologies we use